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Social Media Optimization Course In Delhi.

ODMC provides the best social media optimization training classes in Delhi. Our motive is to help the students to learn the latest techniques in the social media platforms courses like Facebook optimization course, Linked In optimization course, Twitter optimization course, Pinterest optimization course, YouTube Optimization Course, and Instagram optimization course. In all these courses you will learn how to increase likes and followers and how to create your profile and business pages on these social networking sites. The basic thing which you also learn is how to track your visitors on your profile or business pages. We also tell you some SMO tools and websites to optimize our social media pages.

As we all know that Twitter is the largest networking site in the world that is used by celebrities and brands. Thousands of visitors come every day to this networking site. YouTube and Instagram networking sites are also spreading very fast like Facebook. But YouTube is best for video promotion for their business and brand. Here you will learn how to create your channel and upload your videos with all promotion standards.  

Our SMO training course is basically designed in such a format to help the students as well as entrepreneurs in using the network of their friends, relatives, and same job profile people. This course gives knowledge on how to increase followers, how to reach the right audience, and how to publish posts in the right manner. Training on social media optimization course takes you through a lot of case studies and projects which sharpen your social media skills. 

Social media optimization course in Delhi

ODMC delivers the best professional social media optimization training course in Delhi, India. Here the students will get to understand the social media, the do’s and don,t of social media, account creation on different platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn along with the knowledge of knowing the time and place where to publish.

We not only provide training but also help to get clear in interviews for this we offer you all modules of interview questions paper-like SEO interview question paper, Google Ads interview questions paper, Social media marketing interview questions paper, and many more.

Apart from that, we also provide teaching you on social media marketing courses which is a very important section in the digital marketing course syllabus. In SMM courses, we will train you how to work on social media marketing platforms with marketing latest trends, their standards, and courses are Facebook marketing course, Twitter marketing course, Linked-in marketing course, Instagram marketing course, Pinterest marketing course, and YouTube marketing course.

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Social Media Marketing FAQ Questions

  • What do you mean by social media marketing?
  • How does a social medium help a business?
  • Specify one quality that helps in gaining success as a social media marketer.
  • Which social media platforms should different businesses prefer while establishing their presence?
  • What is a social media calendar in social media marketing?
  • What is the need for a social media calendar?
  • What are the various parameters to be considered while creating a social media calendar?

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    Social Media Optimization Training Modules

    Overview Of Social Media Optimization

    • What is Social Media
    • SMM Vs SMO
    • Benefits of using SMO
    • Social Media Statistics
    • Why use Social Media Optimization
    • Social Media Strategy
    • Impact of Social Media on SEO

    Facebook Optimization

    • Facebook account setup
    • Personal account properties
    • Facebook business page
    • setup Types of Business pages
    • Facebook marketing strategy
    • Cover photo designing
    • Increase the Likes to page
    • Page management options
    • Types of Posts and Statistics
    • Dimensions in Posts
    • Creating a post strategy
    • Examples of Creative Posts
    • User engagement metrics
    • Facebook Insights
    • Facebook Groups
    • Facebook Apps creation

    YouTube Optimization

    • Creating Channel in YouTube
    • Customizing the YouTube Channel
    • Create a video marketing strategy
    • Viral video examples
    • Upload the first video
    • How to optimize the video
    • Custom settings in videos
    • YouTube Engagement Metrics
    • Increasing Subscribers
    • Annotations and Cards
    • How to use Playlists
    • Understanding copyrights and spam
    • YouTube Studio

    LinkedIn Optimization

    • What is LinkedIn?
    • Benefits of LinkedIn Network
    • Create a LinkedIn profile
    • Optimizing the profile
    • Skills and Endorsements
    • Recommendations in LinkedIn
    • Creating new connections
    • LinkedIn Groups
    • Finding Jobs in LinkedIn
    • Creating company page
    • Customization of page
    • Posting in LinkedIn Page

    Instagram Optimization

    • What is Instagram
    • Instagram statistics
    • Creating Instagram Account
    • Picture Dimensions
    • Using Hashtags
    • Popular Brands on Instagram
    • Instagram Insights
    • How to Increase Followers and Engagement
    • settings in stories
    • posts on other accounts
    • Geotagging

    Twitter Optimization

    • What is Twitter?
    • Benefits of Twitter Network
    • Create a Twitter profile
    • Optimizing the profile
    • Skills and Endorsements
    • Retweet in Twitter
    • Trends on Twitter
    • Tweet in Twitter
    • Using Hashtags
    • Twitter Insight for a page

    Pinterest Optimization

    • What is Pinterest?
    • How brands use Pinterest
    • Creating a Pinterest Account
    • Customizing the Profile
    • Pinterest Strategy
    • Boards in Pinterest
    • Generating Engagements
    • Using InfoGraphics
    • Engagement Metrics for Pins
    • Pinterest Analytics

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