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Social Media Marketing Course In Delhi.

ODMC provides the best social media marketing training classes in Delhi. Our motive is to help the students to learn the latest techniques in the social media marketing platforms course which are Facebook marketing course, Linked In marketing course, Twitter marketing course, Pinterest marketing course, Instagram marketing course, and YouTube marketing course.

Our SMM training course is basically designed in such a format to help the students, as well as entrepreneurs, use the network to market their products and services. This course gives knowledge on how to increase the followers, how to reach the right audience at a right time at the right place, how to increase traffic on our website, and how to generate leads in the right manner to increase the revenue for the company or business. Training on social media marketing takes you through a lot of case studies and projects which sharpen your social media skills. That’s why there are many courses and programs are offered on this marketing platform.

Here we have to run paid campaigns on various social media marketing platforms to generate a lead or traffic on our website. Through this marketing, we can directly and immediately approach a customer and show what we are offering or what event we are going to start. This is the fastest way to reach our audience under your budget. Here you also learn to track all visitors coming on your business page and what are their interests. 

Earlier for advertising there a limited sources like TV. Newspaper and banner placed on the roadside. But now technology has changed their concept after coming to this digital media. That’s why digital marketing become more popular as compared to traditional marketing.

Social Media Marketing Training Course in Delhi

ODMC delivers the best professional social media marketing training in Delhi, India. Here the students will get to understand the social media, the do’s and don’t of social media on different platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn along with the knowledge of targeting your audience simply and converting it into customers. SMM helps you in creating your relationships and grabbing a lot of customers.

We not only provide training but also help to get clear in interviews for this we offer you all modules of interview questions paper-like SEO interview question paper, Google Ads interview questions paper, Social media marketing interview questions paper, and many more.

Apart from that, we also provide teaching you on Search Engine Marketing course which is a very important section in the digital marketing course syllabus. In the SEM course, we will train you how to work on social engine marketing platforms with marketing latest trends, their standards, and that course is known as the Google Adword course.

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Social Media Marketing FAQ Questions

  • What do you mean by social media marketing?
  • How does a social medium help a business?
  • Specify one quality that helps in gaining success as a social media marketer.
  • Which social media platforms should different businesses prefer while establishing their presence?
  • What is a social media calendar in social media marketing?
  • What is the need for a social media calendar?
  • What are the various parameters to be considered while creating a social media calendar?

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    Social Media Marketing Training Modules

    Overview of Social Media Marketing

    • What is Social Media Marketing?
    • SMM Vs SMO
    • Benefits of using SMM
    • Social Media Marketing Statistics
    • Why use Social Media Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing Strategy
    • Impact of Social Media Markeintg on SEO

    Facebook Advertising

    • Facebook Marketing
    • Profile Optimization
    • Creative Image
    • FB Timeline Status Posting
    • Facebook Insight Monitoring
    • Video Sharing
    • Post Sharing in Groups
    • Cover Image Creative and Upload
    • Group Creation
    • Group Join
    • Targeted Page Likes
    • Notes Posting
    • Call To Action Button
    • Facebook Review Postings
    • Polls Creation & Management
    • Deleting of unwanted spam
    • Traffic Monitoring Through
    • Google Analytics
    • Get More Likes

    Twitter Advertising

    • Twitter Marketing
    • Twitter Profile Optimization
    • Tweets Posting
    • Cover Photo Creative and Upload
    • Targeted Twitter Followers 
    • Retweets
    • Background Image Creative and Upload
    • Lists Creation
    • Sponsored Tweets
    • #hashtag Trend Research
    • Tweet Engagements
    • Twitter Analytics

    LinkedIn Advertising

    • What is LinkedIn
    • Why use LinkedIn
    • How to use LinkedIn for marketing?
    • LinkedIn Profile Creation
    • LinkedIn Pulse Posting
    • LinkedIn Post Sharing
    • LinkedIn Company Pages for marketing
    • What is Company Page
    • Importance of Company Page
    • How to set up a company page
    • Post Sharing in Groups
    • Important Tips for successful
    • LinkedIn marketing
    • LinkedIn Groups
    • LinkedIn Generate High-Quality Leads
    • LinkedIn Analytics
    • Company Page Follower

    Instagram Advertising

    • Instagram Marketing
    • Profile Optimization
    • Instagram Image Sharing
    • Targeted Instagram Followers Increase
    • #hashtag Trend Research
    • Stories Features
    • Push Notifications
    • Your Favorite Filters
    • Instagram Analytics

    Pinterest Advertising

    • Pinterest Marketing
    • Pinterest Profile Optimization
    • Pinterest Board Creation
    • Pins Posted
    • Pinterest Increase Followers
    • Website Verification
    • Business Account
    • Pinterest Analytics

    YouTube Advertising

    • What is YouTube?
    • Why YouTube is important for a business?
    • YouTube Videos Affects your business
    • Creating an Account
    • Setting Up a YouTube Brand Account
    • Manage Permissions
    • Create a storyboard and write the lines
    • Decide on additional multimedia elements
    • Introduce motion
    • Use a good microphone Category
    • Types of YouTube Videos to Create
    • Customer testimonials
    • Explainer and tutorial videos
    • Thought leader interviews
    • Project reviews and case studies
    • YouTube Live
    • Video blogs
    • Event videos
    • YouTube Tools and Software
    • Music & Sound Effects
    • Thumbnail
    • SRT Files (Subtitles & Closed Captions)
    • Cards and End Screens (Annotations)
    • Video Marketing
      Video Social Media
    • Blog Posts and Website
    • Title & Meta Tag Optimization
    • Engage With Viewers
    • YouTube Analytics
    • Watch Time and Audience Retention
    • Traffic Sources
    • Demographics & Engagement Reports

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