social media marketing interview questions

Social Media Marketing (SMO) Interview Questions

  1. What do you mean by social media marketing?
  2. How does a social medium help a business?
  3. Specify one quality which helps in gaining success as a social media marketer.
  4. Which social media platforms should different businesses prefer while establishing their presence?
  5. What is a social media calendar in social media marketing?
  6. What is the need for a social media calendar?
  7. What are the various parameters to be considered while creating a social media calendar?
  8. What are the different types of content available with social media marketers?
  9. How is social media marketing success measured?
  10. What is the use of Google Analytics in social media success tracking?
  11. How to keep track of the quality and relevance of social media success tracking?
  12. How to compare the social media success of your company with the competitor?
  13. How to track the overall social media returns of a social media marketing campaign?
  14. Mention some of the Key performance indicators (KPIs) for assessing the success of a social media campaign.
  15. How does tracking of KPI help a social media marketing campaign?
  16. How to make a video viral to ensure an effective social media campaign?
  17. How to find the Return on Investment (ROI) for a social media campaign?
  18. Describe the use of Sproutsocial for social media marketing.
  19. Describe the use of HootSuite for social media marketing.
  20. Describe the use of Radian 6 for social media marketing.
  21. Describe the use of Zendesk for social media marketing.
  22. Describe the use of TweetDeck for social media marketing.
  23. Describe the use of Crowdbooster for social media marketing.
  24. What is social marketing environment?
  25. What is Social Customer Service Environment?
  26. How to provide customer service on a social media platform?
  27. How to use social media marketing for B2C businesses?
  28. How to use social media marketing for a B2B business?
  29. What is the biggest mistake in any social media marketing campaign?
  30. What are the basic skills of a social media manager?
  31. What are some other ways to optimize content, apart from social media platforms?
  32. What is Facebook Edgerank?
  33. What does the Facebook Edgerank measure?
  34. How to use Facebook for social media marketing?
  35. What are some ways to increase the reach of a business on Facebook?
  36. How to use Facebook for conversion measurement?
  37. Suggest a creative way to gain more customers on Facebook.
  38. What are the characteristics of an effective Facebook marketing campaign?
  39. What are the types of customers that are attracted through Facebook marketing?
  40. Design a Facebook-based marketing strategy for small businesses.
  41. Which type of businesses make use of Facebook marketing?
  42. How to change the name of the business page on Facebook?
  43. How to change the URL of the Facebook page?
  44. How is the merging of pages done on Facebook?
  45. How to view the members of the Facebook page?
  46. Can admins of Facebook pages contact the members of the page?
  47. How to show a video in the about section of the Facebook page?
  48. Can a page be claimed by the business owner who is not the admin of that page?
  49. What is the procedure for a Facebook page whose admin has left the page?
  50. Describe the standard custom audiences on Facebook.
  51. Describe the website custom audiences on Facebook.
  52. Describe the App activity custom audiences on Facebook.
  53. Describe the offline activity audiences on Facebook.
  54. Describe the engagement of custom audiences on Facebook.
  55. How is a customer list custom audience created?
  56. How is manual uploading of audience done in the case of a customer list custom audience? 
  57. How is Facebook Ads Account synchronized with the E-mail based CRM?
  58. How is a Website Custom audience created?
  59. What are the basic options available for website custom audience?
  60. What are the advanced options available for website custom audience?
  61. What is an activity customer audience?
  62. Who all are targeted in activity customer audience?
  63. How to create a video Engagement Custom Audience.
  64. How to create an Instagram business profile Custom Audience.
  65. How to create a lead form-based custom audience.
  66. How to create events based custom audience.
  67. How to create a custom audience based on instant experience?
  68. What is Facebook lookalike audience?
  69. What are the disadvantages of marketing through Facebook?
  70. How important is Twitter to a business?
  71. How to use Twellow tool for finding customers on Twitter?
  72. How to find a large number of leads on Twitter?
  73. How to increase the number of followers on Twitter for marketing purposes?
  74. How to carry out targeted advertising on Twitter?
  75. Who should a business-based Twitter account follow?
  76. What are hashtags on Twitter?
  77. How to increase the number of Retweets?
  78. What is Twitter engagement?
  79. What is a good engagement rate for tweets by a business profile?
  80. Is it possible to use the favorite button as a bookmark?
  81. What is the most important criteria for ensuring regular retweeting by followers?
  82. How to increase the organic following of a business profile?
  83. Is it advised to put hashtags on #every #single #word?
  84. What is the optimum number of hashtags in a single tweet?
  85. Which tool is used for graphing the usage of hashtags by a business account on Twitter? 
  86. How to determine the best hashtag for a situation?
  87. What is the ideal location for the usage of a hashtag?
  88. How to schedule tweets with the help of an external source?
  89. How much tweeting is considered to be too much?
  90. Is it wise to post the same tweets again and again?
  91. Where do the leads provided by Twitter cards go?
  92. Is there a cost difference between a promoted tweet with a visual and a tweet containing only text?
  93. Is it possible to connect with users who have a private account on Twitter?
  94. Can twitter business accounts know if people have subscribed to phone text alerts?
  95. Is it wise to post tweets using third-party apps?
  96. How is social media marketing on LinkedIn different from that if Facebook?
  97. How do B2C companies use LinkedIn for marketing?
  98. Give an example of how a B2C company uses LinkedIn for marketing purposes.
  99. How to use status updates for marketing purposes on LinkedIn?
  100. How do LinkedIn articles help in marketing on LinkedIn?
  101. How can recommendations be used by a business for marketing?
  102. How to showcase the skills and expertise of the company in a way to enhance the marketing of the company?
  103. What are the different elements of the company page which are important for marketing purposes on LinkedIn?
  104. How can the banner image be used on LinkedIn for marketing purposes?
  105. Should the company showcase the products and services that it offers on LinkedIn?
  106. What are the communities features present on LinkedIn?
  107. What are LinkedIn groups and how do they help in social media marketing?
  108. What are LinkedIn influencers and how do they help in social media marketing?
  109. How to brand your LinkedIn address?
  110. Can LinkedIn be used by people belonging to the sales background for marketing purposes?
  111. Does recruit through LinkedIn help in marketing?
  112. How to improve the marketing skills of a company through existing connections
    on LinkedIn?
  113. How can a B2B company use LinkedIn for marketing purposes?
  114. How does HubSpot use LinkedIn for marketing purposes?
  115. How much time should be given towards maintaining a LinkedIn company page?
  116. What are some effective ways to find leads on LinkedIn?
  117. How to use LinkedIn sponsored updates for marketing?
  118. What are some of the key metrics for carrying out analytics on LinkedIn?
  119. How to enhance your LinkedIn profile for better marketability?
  120. What is influence networking on LinkedIn?
  121. How to carry out influence networking on LinkedIn?
  122. What are the accomplishments of influence networking?
  123. What is social content with respect to LinkedIn?
  124. How can marketing be carried out in discussion groups on LinkedIn?
  125. How should the founder of a company shape his/her LinkedIn profile for gaining maximum attention?
  126. What are showcase pages on LinkedIn?
  127. Why is Pinterest important for social media marketing?
  128. What are pins in Pinterest?
  129. What are boards on Pinterest?
  130. What is a Pinterest Feed?
  131. How to create a business account on Pinterest?
  132. What are the different types of buttons available on the Pinterest website?
  133. Why is it necessary to have buttons on your Pinterest website?
  134. What is the Pinterest widget Builder?
  135. What is the optimum time for pinning on Pinterest?
  136. Create a consistent schedule for pinning on Pinterest.
  137. What are the pins that a business should focus on?
  138. What kind of images should a business focus on for marketing purposes on Pinterest?
  139. How important are words in Pins for social media marketing?
  140. How important is the description of a pin?
  141. What are Rich Pins?
  142. Give an example of a rich pin.
  143. How to get more social on Pinterest?
  144. How important is analytics for Pinterest?
  145. How to access the analytics tool on Pinterest?
  146. What are promoted pins?
  147. How to handle negative comments on social media?

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