google analytics interview questions

Google Analytics Interview Questions

  1. What is Google Analytics?
  2. What are Goals In Google Analytics?
  3. How many types of goals are there in Google Analytics?
  4. What is a ‘Conversion’ in Google Analytics and what are its types?
  5. How are conversions tracked in Google Analytics?
  6. What do you mean by KPI in Google Analytics?
  7. What is ‘Session’ in Google Analytics?
  8. What does ‘Bounce Rate’ indicate in Google Analytics?
  9. What does ‘Exit Rate’ indicate in Google Analytics?
  10. What is the difference between ‘Bounce Rate’ and ‘Exit Rate’ in Google Analytics?
  11. Can we track ‘Google AdSense’ campaigns in Google Analytics?
  12. What are the basic steps to track conversions from the various online medium in Google Analytics?
  13. What is the best way to track E-Commerce sales via Google Analytics?
  14. What is a Funnel in setting up Goals?
  15. What is Acquisition Report in Google Analytics?
  16. What is Behavior Report in Google Analytics?
  17. What is Conversion Report in Google Analytics?
  18. What is Audience Report in Google Analytics?
  19. What is Custom Report in Google Analytics?
  20. How many custom report types are there in Google Analytics and what are they?
  21. What is ‘Site Search’ report in Google Analytics?
  22. What is ‘Cohort’ and ‘Cohort Analysis’ Report in Google Analytics?
  23. How do we know which keyword is sending paid traffic to your website?
  24. What is In-Page Analytics?
  25. How to track when the user interacted with a video or any other engagement object?
  26. How many elements are there in event tracking and what are they?
  27. What is Install Tracking For Mobile Apps in Google Analytics?
  28. What is RPC in Google Analytics?
  29. What are the common types of traffic that can be analyzed through Google Analytics?
  30. How to calculate ROI?
  31. What are the various products that can be linked with Google Analytics?
  32. Is Google Analytics tool better than other ones in the market? If yes, Why?
  33. What is the difference between clicks and visits in Google Analytics?
  34. How to determine the highest viewed page of your website in Google Analytics?
  35. What is Benchmarking?
  36. When is Bounce Rate considered as optimal for a website?
  37. Can we delete the goals that are once created in Google Analytics?
  38. What are custom events and how is it implemented?
  39. What is “(Not Provided)” data in Keyword Reports?
  40. What is the ‘Experiments’ framework in Google Analytics?
  41. What is ‘Attribution Model’ in Google Analytics?
  42. What is ‘Real Time’ report in Google Analytics?
  43. Can we analyze website traffic based on various devices?
  44. What is meant by average load time in Google Analytics?
  45. What is ‘Filters’ Google Analytics?
  46. Explain Account, Property & Views in Google Analytics. What is its significance?
  47. What are the benefits of using ‘Google Analytics’ for your business?
  48. What are the basic building blocks of Google Analytics Reports?
  49. What are the various reports available through Google Analytics?
  50. What are ‘Page Views’ in Google Analytics?
  51. What is the difference between ‘Clicks’ and ‘Sessions’ in Google Analytics reports?
  52. Does the metric ‘Clicks’ and ‘Users’ give the same information in Google Analytics?
  53. What is ‘Treemaps’ report in Google Analytics?
  54. What is ‘Segment’ Google Analytics?
  55. Is it possible to access personal information of website visitors using Google Analytics?
  56. Can the data be changed once Google Analytics processes the data?
  57. What are ‘Assisted Conversions’ in Google Analytics?
  58. Where can I find the Universal Google Analytics Tracking Code for my property?
  59. What are UTM Parameters?
  60. What is Search Depth in Google Analytics?
  61. What are cookies in Google Analytics?
  62. What are the demographics report in Google Analytics?
  63. What is ‘Site Speed Report’ in Google Analytics?
  64. What are the three aspects of latency measured by Google Analytics?
  65. What type of traffic analysis requires auto-tagging enabled Google Analytics?
  66. Can we change the default session time of 30 minutes to 60 minutes in Google Analytics?
  67. Explain the ‘Reverse Goal Path Report’ in Google Analytics.
  68. Explain ‘Model Comparison Tool’ in Google Analytics.
  69. Explain ‘Behaviour Flow Report’ in Google Analytics.
  70. Explain two main difference between conversion tracking in Google Ads (Google Adwords) and Google Analytics.
  71. What is Remarketing Audience in Google Analytics?
  72. What is a ‘Custom Audience’ in Google Analytics?
  73. What are ‘custom dimensions’ and ‘custom metrics’ in Google Analytics?

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