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Google Analytics Course In Delhi

ODMC provides the best short-term Google analytics training classes in Delhi. Our motive is to help the students to learn the latest techniques in the google platforms like sessions, new visitors vs unique visitors, location and demographic, and goal conversion. This course module also comes under the advanced SEO Training Course and Digital Marketing Training course. Through Google Analytics you can generate reports and track your websites easily. Here you also learn how to place a javascript code on your website through HTML or Google Tag Manager and get all useful information from one place.

Our Google Analytic short-term training course is basically designed in such a format to help the students as well as entrepreneurs to understand easily the use of this platform and to get benefits by targeting the right place at the right time which helps you to get traffic for your website. Google analytics training takes you through a lot of case studies and lives demo which sharpens your analytics skills. How to create an account in Google Analytics and how to track all the visitors who visit our website. You also learn how to generate reports for your website.  

ODMC delivers the best professional Google analytics short course training in Delhi, India. Here the students will get to understand the analytics basics and advanced versions like Google Tag Manager through which you can easily place a code on your website, and how to generate a report for your website. All practice will be done on live projects so that all the fundamentals of Google analytics are clearly understood by students. After completing this course you can track visitors who visit your websites and you can also analyze real-time visitors. These web analytics services help users to provide an insight into sales and conversions also.

google analytics course in Delhi

This Google Analytics program is mandatory and important for every student who is performing an SEO course or digital marketing course. After completing this course your confidence level boost to face real-time challenges for a job. We provide you with all Google interview questions that help you in your interview. Apart from that we also provide many other interview questions papers for different modules like SEO interview questions papers, Social media marketing interview questions papers, Google Ads interview questions papers, and digital marketing interview questions papers which really help a  student to understand the topics deeply.

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Google Analytics FAQ Questions

  • What is Google Analytics?
  • What are Goals In Google Analytics?
  • How many types of goals are there in Google Analytics?
  • What is a ‘Conversion’ in Google Analytics and what are its types?
  • How are conversions tracked in Google Analytics?
  • What do you mean by KPI in Google Analytics?
  • What is ‘Session’ in Google Analytics?
  • What does ‘Bounce Rate’ indicate in Google Analytics?
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Complete Course

After completing this course, the participants will get a full knowledge of Web Analytics which help in building the career in Digital Marketing platform.

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Program Structure

We are providing a full fundamental Google Analytics course which is consists of theoretical classes and practical training.


The participant will be evaluated after completing full course just in 2 months. Participant can easily solve all modules interview questions paper.

Training Location

Our centre is situated in New Delhi at Tilak Nagar, near to Tilak Nagar metro station.

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    Google Web Analytics Training Program

    • Introduction to Google Analytics Tools
    • How To Install & verify GAT
    • How To Track Traffic
    • Understanding Users behavior
    • Understanding Users Flow
    • Traffic Filter
    • Understanding Bounce rate, users, sessions and New visits
    • How To Integrate Google Products to Google Analytics
    • How To prepare Reports in GA
    • How to Prepare SEO Report
    • How To Use GA for Reports
    • Report Analysis & traffic improvement

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