Google Adsense Course

Google AdSense Course

ODMC provides the best short-term Google AdSense training classes in Delhi. Our motive is to help the students to learn the latest techniques in the Google AdSense platforms to get paid when visitors click on ads that you place on your website, blogs, and YouTube. Here you learn how to place a code on your blog or youtube to get ads. Google AdSense is the best and the fastest way to generate income for newly generated websites and blogs.

Our Google AdSense short term training course is basically designed in such an easy format to help the students as well as for freelancer to understand easily how to use this platform and to get benefits by target the right ads at a right time which help you to get clicks on ads which you placed on your website. Training on Google AdSense takes you through a lot of case studies and live demo which sharpens your AdSense skills.

google adsense course in Delhi

Different types of Google ads:-

Google provides many types of ads that you can run on your websites, blogs, and youtube channel.

Text ads:- Text ads basically use words that come in various sizes. Here you can easily customize the box color as well as text color and link.

Images ads:- Images ads are also known as graphic ads. They come in various sizes which are offered by the Google AdSense platform which is mixed both text and images.

Video ads:- Here you can select videos ads based on their category.

Search ads:- Here Google offers a search box that you can place on your website or blog. If a user enters any text for search, a search result page will be open. You can also set the color theme of the search result page so that it recognizes that it is your website page,

ODMC delivers the best professional Google AdSense short course training in Delhi, India. Here the students will get to understand the AdSense basics and advanced version to show ads on their website. This is a very important platform provided by Google in the SEO field which helps to earn a lot of money with a little process and optimize how our website is performing on the web.

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