google ads interview questions

Google Ads Interview Questions

  1. What is Google PPC?
  2. What is Google Ads (or Google AdWords)?
  3. What is CPC and CPC bid?
  4. How does Google calculate Ad rank?
  5. What is Quality Score in Google Ads?
  6. How does Google decide the bid cost per click?
  7. What is CPM bid?
  8. How can you design a successful PPC Google Ad campaign?
  9. Why keyword research is important for Google Ads Campaign?
  10. How should be an effective Google Ads PPC keyword list be?
  11. What is Google Ads keyword research?
  12. What are negative keywords in Google Ads?
  13. What is the purpose of Keyword grouping in Google Ads campaigns?
  14. What is keyword bid optimization in Google Ads?
  15. What is keyword quality score?
  16. What factors contribute to the keyword quality score?
  17. Can you use Search query and keyword interchangeably?
  18. What is Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI)?
  19. What are long tail keywords?
  20. What are the keyword match types?
  21. What are special symbols used for various match types?
  22. What is an ad group in Google Ads Campaign?
  23. What is the hierarchy of the ad group in a Google Ads account?
  24. How many ad groups can a Google Ads campaign have?
  25. What does the ad groups contain?
  26. How to create a workable efficient ad group?
  27. How do Ad groups help your business?
  28. What are text ads?
  29. What are the benefits of well-written Google Text Ads?
  30. How can you make the Ad relevant?
  31. What is the simplest version of Google Ad?
  32. What are the factors, do you think is required to make your Ad compelling?
  33. What are Google Ads Extensions?
  34. Why the Ad text should be optimized?
  35. What are the uses of Ad authoring tool?
  36. How does a quality Google ad text help your budget?
  37. What is Click-Through Rate?
  38. Why is CTR so important?
  39. What is the average CTR in Google Ads ( or Google Adwords)?
  40. When is higher CTR bad?
  41. When is higher CTR good?
  42. What is Quality Score?
  43. What are the factors that contribute to strong CTRs?
  44. What are the factors involving the Quality Score?
  45. Why is Quality score important?
  46. How to increase the Quality Score?
  47. What is CPC?
  48. What are the factors as an advertiser, you should be aware behind every click or attention you garner?
  49. How is CPC calculated?
  50. How can you lower the CPC? How does the Quality score affect your CPC?
  51. What are the factors influencing CPC?
  52. What is the average CPC across industries?
  53. How important is CPC in the Search industry?
  54. What is CPA?
  55. What factors determine CPA? How Quality score affects CPA?
  56. What is CPA bidding?
  57. What is CRO?
  58. What are the factors that can help you increase the CRO?
  59. What role does landing page play in CRO?
  60. How to create an attractive landing page?
  61. What is conversion?
  62. Why is Google Ads or Google AdWords account structure important?
  63. What are the components of Google Ads Structure?
  64. What are the ways in which you can structure your account?
  65. How Keyword research has to be done in the ad group’s level?
  66. What factors are to be cross-checked before you start your first campaign?
  67. What are the things that need to be kept in mind before creating your first ad?
  68. What actions will you take when your Google Ads campaigns are not generating enough leads for your business?
  69. How do you calculate your Google Ad budget per month?
  70. What are those factors that will affect your Google Ads Budget Planning? 
  71. What are the different kinds of keyword(s) in the Google Ads campaign?
  72. What is Conversion Action in Google Ads?
  73. What is Conversion Tracking in Google Ads?
  74. What is basic set up for Google Ads conversion tracking?
  75. What needs to be done when conversions are not shown in reports in spite of conversion tracking has been enabled? 
  76. Is conversion data tracked through conversion tracking code 100% accurate?
  77. What is Conversion Rate?
  78. What are a few ways to optimize landing pages for Google Ads to maximize conversions?
  79. What are Google Ad Extensions and how is it helpful?
  80. Are Google Ad Extensions manual or automatic?
  81. What are the different types of Google Ad Extensions? 
  82. What are the three elements of a compelling Google Ad? 
  83. What are the advantages of Long Tail Keywords? 
  84. How to identify Negative Match Keyword List?
  85. What Is Remarketing in Google Ads (Google AdWords)? 
  86. What Is RLSA in Google Ads?
  87. What Is Remarketing Lists in Google Ads?
  88. What is the membership duration for visitors on the remarketing lists?
  89. What is  Frequency capping? 
  90. What is  Dynamic Keyword Insertion?
  91. What are those options in Google Ads that can’t be changed after creating an account?
  92. What is Return-On-Ad-Spend (ROAS) in Google Ads?
  93. In Google Ads, what is the maximum length of destination URL?
  94. What do you mean by Managed Placements And Automatic Placements in Google Ads?
  95. What is the first step you need to take if your Google Ads gets disapproved?
  96. What are a few reasons why your Google Ad might get disapproved?
  97. Is bidding on competitor’s trademark terms possible in Google? Can you use them in your ads?
  98. What do you mean by Impression Share in Google Ads?
  99. Can you link to the downloadable file instead of a landing page in your Google Ads campaign?
  100. What is the name of the report that allows you to view performance data for search queries that triggered your ad and received clicks in Google Ads?
  101. Does Google’s PR for a webpage helps improve Quality Score in Google Ads?
  102. What is the difference between CPM, CPC and CPV bidding?
  103. Where do you we see the real-time preview of our Google Ads without clicking on the search engine? 
  104. How Google Auction Works? 
  105. How many ads should we have in each Ad group to optimize our ROI?
  106. When do you stop testing our Google Ad and consider one as a clear winner?
  107. What are a few reasons why our CPC is rising over time? 
  108. What is Google Ads double serving policy? 
  109. What is Google Ads API?
  110. How does quality score affect CPC and Ad Position? 
  111. What is the best quality score value?
  112. By advertising on Google platform, can you improve rankings on Google search engines?
  113. What is the character limits for Google Ads?
  114. What are invalid clicks on Google Ads?
  115. What is PLA in Google Ads?
  116. What are the tools used to expand and refine the keyword list?
  117. What is MCC?
  118. What does Competition rank mean in Google Keyword Planner? 

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