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Digital Marketing Course In Delhi

This year brings much good news for many digital marketing students as well as professionals. Digital marketers get many opportunities while working with their Blog, YouTube, affiliate marketing, and drop shipping business. Digital marketers earned a lot of money and running their own business by sitting at home. This industry is increasing so rapidly because every business wants to convert their business into digital. So, this is why they need Digital Marketing experts to operate their business and increase the profit in their business. Learning digital marketing means giving wings to your career in this digital world. Here are the Digital Marketing Course modules and syllabus to cover all the topics deeply and practically.

You can access digital marketing blogs on my website to get knowledge about the latest trends and SEO techniques used in digital marketing. But the training under professional provides you live experience in this industry which gives you more advantages and benefits. It’s also clear your concept and how to solve any problem that arises while working related to this field.

As all, you know that digital marketing career is playing a vital role these days. Many Graduates and Postgraduates are learning digital marketing. Many B-tech, BBA, MBA, MCA degree students are going to choose this digital marketing training course for their best career future. But nowadays not students but working professionals are also moving towards digital marketing classes by leaving their current job for good satisfaction and growth. Switching a career from one industry to another is not an easy option. But you can easily switch to a digital marketing career because it is non-technical and easy to learn. We not only provide training but also help to get clear in interview for this we offer you all modules interview questions paper like SEO interview question paper, Google Ads interview questions paper, Social media marketing interview questions paper and many more. 

Professional Digital Marketing Training Course

The digital marketing training syllabus is created by us not only for students but also for working professionals and entrepreneurs. First, we will teach about what is website, how to purchase a domain and hosting, how to select a name for your Domain, blog, and e-commerce website. After that, we start website designing training which tells you how to create a website in WordPress. Side by side we will start an SEO training course. We will teach you many latest techniques on SEO how to bring your website on top of SERP. Apart from that, we will start teaching you Google Ads (SEM) and Social Media Optimization (SMO), and Social Media Marketing (SMM) which is a very important section in the digital marketing course syllabus. In this SMO/SMM courses, we will train you how to work on social media marketing platforms with update trends  and these courses are Facebook marketing course, Twitter marketing course, Linked-in marketing course, Instagram marketing course, Pinterest marketing course, and YouTube Media Marketing course. After that, we will move to email marketing in which we teach you how to send a bulk of emails at one time.

We will not only teach you but also help you in clearing 6 certifications from Google. We focus on practical practice rather than theory because practical will clear your all concepts and doubts easily and give you the confidence to work in this industry with confidence.

Many other courses we also cover in Google tools we also teach you to like google search console course, Google Tag Manager course, Google my business course, and the most important tool to maintain a report that is Google analytics course. This tool helps you to track and monitor website traffic coming to your website. This tool helps you to generate reports on activities performed on the website and analyze your visitor activity.

Digital Marketing Course in Delhi

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    Digital Marketing FAQ Questions

    What is Digital Marketing? 

    What are the types of digital marketing?

    What are the activities used to promote Digital marketing?

    What is a keyword optimization in digital marketing or SEO?

    What are the major factors that can affect cpc bidding?

    What is Google ads?

    Digital Marketing Course Syllabus 2022

    Introduction to Digital Marketing

    • What is Digital Marketing?
    • Why Digital Marketing?
    • Digital Marketing platforms?
    • Digital Marketing – Organic & Paid
    • Digital Marketing era and the way forward
    • Digital Marketing for students, professionals and businesses

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    • What is SEO?
    • Growth of SEO in the recent years
    • Ecosystem of a search engine
    • What are the kinds of traffic

    On Page Optimisation

    • What is on-page optimization?
    • HTML basics
    • CSS basics
    • Meta Tags usage
    • All Text Formats
    • Contextual interlinking
    • Schemas Mark-up

    Off-Page Optimization

    • Linking Strategies
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Link Sculpting
    • Link Baiting
    • Professional Article Exchange
    • Social Book Marking and
    • Business Promotions
    • Directory submissions

    Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    • Introduction to SEM
    • What is Google Ads?
    • How is it different from other platforms?
    • Create an Ads account
    • Key terminologies in Google Ads
    • Google Ads Account Structure
    • Google Ad approval process
    • Creation Campaign process
      Search ads network
    • Display ads network
    • Keyword Match types
    • Display Planner
    • Keyword Planner Tool
    • Ad Extensions
    • Ad creation process
    • Keyword Grouping
    • Demographic Targeting / Bidding Strategies

    Advanced Campaign Settings

    • Ads with different devices
    • Mobile-specific bids
    • Ad Scheduling
    • Ad Rotation
    • Ad delivery settings
    • Location & Targeting
    • Placement of Ads

    Additional Tools

    • Google Webmaster Tools
    • XML Site Map Creators
    • Browser-based analysis tools
    • DA & PA Rank tools
    • Pinging & indexing tools
    • Broken link Checker tools
    • Open site explorer
    • Domain information/whois tools
    • Alexa Ranking

    AdWords Editor

    • Ads Editor
    • Creating optimized campaigns
    • Understanding Ads
    • Editor options
    • Easy optimization of accounts
    • Analysis of accounts using Ads Editor
    • Ads Editor shortcuts
    • Exporting accounts into different formats

    My Client Center (MCC)

    • What is MCC?
    • Who can be an MCC?
    • signup for an MCC account
    • Adding clients for MCC account
    • Monitoring child accounts
    • What is MDS?
    • UI Access and API access
    • Creating multiple MCCs

    Social Media Marketing (SMM)

    • Social Media Marketing Defined
    • Blogging
    • Engage with Social networking Sites
    • Facebook Marketing
    • Twitter Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • LinkedIn Promotion
    • Video Sharing
    • Content Marketing

    Lead Generation & Digital Marketing

    • Web to lead forms
    • Web to case forms
    • Lead generation techniques
    • Landing Page Creation
    • Social media and lead gen
    • IP Tracker
    • Group posting on Social Media platforms
    • Engage with forum sites
    • Online Reputation Management (ORM)

    Social Media Optimization (SMO)

    • Social Media optimization Defined
    • Benefits of social media
    • Engage with Social networking Sites
    • Facebook Optimization
    • Twitter Optimization
    • LinkedIn Optimization
    • YouTube Optimization
    • How to target right audience?
    • Social Media Tools
    • How to grow your Instagram fast?
    • Pinterest Optimization
    • Social Business Page Optimization
    • App promotion through Social Network
    • IP Tracker
    • Engage with Forum sites
    • Reporting & Analysis
    • Online Reputation Management (ORM)

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