digital marketing interview questions

Digital Marketing Interview Questions

ODMC not only provides training but also helps to get clear all these Digital Marketing interview questions. These questions help the students to get deep knowledge about all the modules in digital marketing as well as helps to clear the certifications exam. These are the basic ad technical questions asked in a digital marketing interview usually. In these digital marketing questions papers, we cover all basic fundamental and advanced questions of Digital Marketing exam questions which not only help beginners of this course but also the experience one. We also offer you all modules interview questions paper-like SEO interview questions paper, Google Ads interview questions paper, Social media marketing interview questions paper, and Digital Marketing Interview questions paper. 

Apart from that, we also provide teaching on courses like the Google Ads course, SEO Training CourseSocial Media Optimization course, and Social Media Marketing course which is a very important section in the digital marketing course syllabus. In SMO/SMM courses, we will train you how to work on social media platforms with marketing the latest trends and these courses really help you to better understand the advanced level digital marketing trends and techniques.

After completing the Digital Marketing course you can easily get the answers to these questions and if any problem occurs then we are here to help you to get all these answers. Except this, we also take a Digital Marketing skill assessment test on some technical or practical to build your confidence level. So don’t miss the opportunity to learn this Advanced Digital Marketing course.

Frequently Asked Question About Digital Marketing.

1.What is Digital Marketing?

2. What are the types of digital marketing?

3.What are the activities used to promote Digital marketing?

4. What is a keyword optimization in digital marketing or SEO?

5. What are the major factors that can affect cpc bidding?

6. What is Google ads?

7. What is conversion rate in PPC?

8. How can we increase the conversion rate?

9. What is on-page optimization?

10.What is off page optimization?

11. Name some important digital marketing tools that help in promotion?

12.What is Google penalty in digital marketing?

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Digital Marketing Training Course

This year brings much good news for many digital marketers. As we all know this covid period play a very difficult role in the life business owners as well as on employees. But for digital marketers opportunities will increase in this period because everything is going digital at that time with the help of Blogging, YouTube, Affiliate Marketing, and Dropshipping business. Digital marketers earned a lot of money and stand their own business by sitting at home.

13. What is the difference between direct marketing and branding?

14. Name some digital marketing channels?

15. What are the best places to place your keywords to optimize your site ranking?

16. What is difference between online marketing and offline marketing?

17. What is keyword steaming?

18. What is keyword density?

19. Is YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn platforms are important for marketing?

20. Explain how you can improve conversion rates?

21. Explain what are the other two options for bidding other than CPC(Cost per Click)?

22. What is the difference between search network and display network?

23. What is ORM?

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Complete Course

After completing this course, the participants will get a full knowledge of Digital Marketing which help in building the career in Digital Marketing platform.

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Program Structure

We are providing a full fundamental Digital Marketing course which is consists of theoretical classes and practical training.


The participant will be evaluated after completing full course just in 2 months. Participant can easily solve all modules interview questions paper.

Training Location

Our centre is situated in New Delhi at Tilak Nagar, near to Tilak Nagar metro station.

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