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Advanced Digital Marketing Training In Delhi

Welcome to ODMC (Online Digital Marketing Course), are you looking for the best educator of digital marketing course in Delhi and advanced digital marketing course in India? If yes, then you are in a right place at ODMC. As all of you know that digital marketing career has a lot of interest and very much demand nowadays because as the internet expanded the importance of digital marketing also increased. Every business relies on this new technology to generate revenue and growth in their industry. It is a booming sector not for working professionals, entrepreneurs, but also for students who are in their first year. If you have just one year of experience in digital marketing and the know-how to work in a live environment then you can expect a handsome salary from this industry. In this career, freshers also get a good salary according to the knowledge they learn from their course from their trainer or digital marketing experts. Some digital marketing institutes are charging around 40 to 60 thousand for this course. Many digital marketing institutes fail to provide digital marketing live practical classes on the project that’s the reason students are not able to grab the right technical knowledge and the job after finishing the digital marketing classes. That’s why we started ODMC (Online Digital Marketing Course) to give you a bright career in Digital Marketing which cover all the fundamental of digital marketing modules which is very essential to work in this platform. Our primary objective is to prepare our students to work individually as well as in a team to offer better results.

At ODMC, We provide quality useful practical, and live-oriented digital marketing training for students, working professionals, and business people at a very affordable price. Many think that if the fees are less quality of knowledge may be less, that we prove wrong. This confusion will soon clear just after completing a course when a student gets placed in good company and start earning a good salary in this digital marketing field. So, here your searching gets over if you decided to make your career in digital marketing. we are here and welcome you to the digital marketing course.

​What you can do after the Digital Marketing Course Training?

A role of digital marketer is to develop the executive design for their company product and services for online marketing campaigns to advertise and increase brand-awareness. One main role of digital marketer is to create leads and maintain ORM (Online Reputation Management) for their company in this digital world. A digital marketer provides support in several areas, such as:

  • Specifying new digital marketing platforms and tools.
  • Using web analytics tools to monitor website traffic and source.
  • Tracking visitors and their activities.
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Basic Digital Marketing Training Modules

SEO Training

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a technique that enables the website to be listed on the top search engine result page for an appropriate keyword.

Google Ads Training

Google Ads is used to push ads in Google search results, YouTube, remarketing, mobile app, shopping, etc. which help to boost your products to right customers at a right time.

Content Marketing Training

Content Marketing is a in demand course in the Digital Marketing career and which have a bright future. Here you learn how to write fresh content related to your niche.

Website Designing Training

In website designing course, you learn how to design a website on a WordPress platform, design static, dynamic, and E-commerce websites. You also learn how to create landing pages with quality standards.

Affilate Marketing Training

In this Affiliate Marketing Course module, we learn affiliate marketing and how to earn money online while sitting at home, Amazon affiliate Marketing.

SMM Training

In the Social Media Marketing course, we give training on social media ads which covers the latest topics on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest.

Email Marketing Training

In Email Marketing course, we give training on how email marketing works and how to send bulk mails, what are basic tools included in email marketing.

Youtube Marketing Training

In youtube marketing training we teach how to market your products on YouTube as well as how to manage your YouTube channel to earn money online. You also learn how to increase the views of your particular videos.

Google Analytics Training

In Google Analytics course training, we help you how to monitor or track the visitors coming from various channels, devices, and countries to your website or on your mobile app.

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Why Choose US?

ODMC provide digital marketing classes and live-oriented digital marketing training to every audience whether you are students, working professionals, or entrepreneur at a very affordable price. We cover all the fundamentals of digital marketing modules and give you the best practical knowledge with plenty of live projects. Our primary objective is to prepare our students to work individually as well as in a team to offer better results in this digital industry. We provide the latest digital marketing techniques which help to get a job easily and quickly in this digital marketing industry.

Digital Marketing Training Course Online (4 months)

2 Months Practical Training + 2 Months live Project Training

For our live online digital marketing classes training sessions, students enroll from many cities of India like Jaipur, Ludhiana, Mumbai, Pune, and so on. Even students from the USA, UK, Australia, Canada also want to join our online digital marketing sessions. Many students have a misunderstanding that online is not better as compared to the classroom. But now these days a new technology has changed and online become very easy and comfortable. By sitting at home or anywhere you can join our online classes without any issue. With this activity, you can save both time and money. We take classes through Zoom where you can easily monitor everything taught in the class.

We allow limited students in our batch so that we can solve queries for all the students easily. Every session is recorded and delivered to the student after the class so that he can cover it later. Even after the course, we have a group of our experts where you can put any query or problem you face in the future while working in the industry. To enroll in a digital marketing course submit the form below.

Ready to become a Digital Marketing Professional? Enroll Now !


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    What You Will Learn From Digital Marketing Expert?

    • What is Digital Marketing?
    • Why Digital Marketing is important for any business or organization?
    • Who can learn Digital Marketing?
    • How to learn Online Digital Marketing Training?
    • What are the Digital Marketing modules teach by us during this entire course?
    • What is the website?
    • What is domain?
    • What is hosting?
    • How many types of hosting are available?
    • What are domain extensions?
    • What are service providers?
    • How to purchase domain and hosting?
    • How to install WordPress?
    • How to Use Cpanel?
    • How to create subdomains?

    How to create a website by using plugins?

    • Elementor
    • Static Website
    • Dynamic Website
    • E-commerce website
    • What is Search Engine Optimization?
    • How Google search engine works?
    • How many Search engines we have?
    • What is white hat techniques?
    • What is black hat technique?
    • What is gray hat technique?
    • What are Google algorithms?
    • What is On-page optimization?
    • What is Off-page optimization?
    • What is technical SEO?
    • What is link building technique?
    • How link building will help you to get higher ranking?
    • What is the use of link building in SEO?

    Here are some link building techniques:-

    • Blog commenting
    • Social bookmarking
    • Guest posting
    • Article submission
    • Document submissions
    • Forum submissions
    • Image submissions
    • Google my business
    • Quora submissions
    • Directory submissions
    • Event submissions
    • Classified submissions
    • Search Text Ads
    • Google Display Network
    • Video Ads
    • Shopping Ads
    • Mobile Ads
    • Gmail Ads
    • Conversion tracking & Goal Setup
    • Google Ads editor tool
    • Remarketing
    • Keyword Planner tool
    • Complete Google Ads tools and Settings
    • How to create social media brand page?
    • How to track Facebook users on our website?
    • Adding own logos and banners in social media sites.
    • How to create ads on social media platform?
    • How to create Custom Conversions?
    • How to create a custom audience?
    • How to add Facebook Pixel into the website?
    • How to add WhatsApp to Facebook Page?
    • How to add messenger to website?
    • What is Email Marketing?
    • How to send bulk emails?
    • How to get conversion through emails?
    • How to connect website with Google Search Console.
    • Analyze the whole website using Google Search Console.
    • How to submit xml sitemap?
    • How to submit robots?
    • How to set crawl errors?
    • How to track a website with Google Analytics?
    • How to use data studio?
    • How to add Google search console to Google Analytics?
    • How to connect Google Ads to Google Analytics?
    • How to generate a report for a client?
    • How to create goals in Google Analytics?
    • Adwords Fundamental Course certificate
    • Google Search Ads certificate
    • Google Display Ads certificate
    • Google Video Ads certificate
    • Google Shopping Ads certificate
    • Google Digital Unlocked Course
    • Google My Business Course

    How To Get These Global Certifications ?

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    display network
    google shopping
    google analytics
    Facebook blueprint
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